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Myths and facts about OAB

Having poor bladder control is just a normal part of aging and those with such problems just have to accept them.


FACT : No one should have to accept bladder control problems. Simply putting up with the symptoms of OAB can affect your quality of life for the worse. You can learn more about treatments for OAB here. It is also important you let a doctor know about your symptoms.

It is normal to go to the toilet more than eight times a day.

FACT : The number of times you urinate may be related to the amount and substance that you drink. For example having too many caffeinated or alcoholic drinks can cause you to urinate more. However, urinating more than eight times a day under normal circumstances could be a sign of an overactive bladder.

Having poor bladder control is usually a woman’s problem and is caused by damage to the bladder during childbirth.

FACT : Approximately half of the people with OAB are men! Both men and women with OAB benefit from may benefit from OAB medication and other treatments to retrain the bladder and exercise the bladder muscle.

Men that develop OAB could also have prostate problems.

FACT : While difficulty urinating might be related to prostate problems, OAB symptoms are distinct and usually a sign that the bladder muscle is contracting too often or at the wrong time. Click here to learn more about what may cause OAB. Or, click here to learn more about prostate health.

OAB is a minor problem that affects few people.


FACT : OAB affects millions of people worldwide!