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Losing control of your bladder can be a distressing and embarrassing problem which can lead to limited daily activities.

Although loss of bladder control might be difficult to talk about, it is a common consition that affects millions of men and women of
ages world wide.


Erectile dysfunction is a medical condition defined as the inability of a man to get or keep an errection sufficient for satisfactory sexual activity. Many men will have an occasional erection problem at some point of time but for others it may be a more frequent problem.

[Sexual Health Surveys]


Urinary problems are many and one of the more common problems affecting men is BPH. BPH or Benign Prostaic Hyperplasia is especially common in men over 50.

If you have BPH, do not despair as ou are not alone.

This campaign aims to urge men to take notice of both their physical and sexual health and embrace a holistic approach towards enhancing their overall health.

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  • Erectile Dysfunction – What is it?

    ED is a medical condition defined as a man’s inability to get an erection. But it also refers to a man’s ability to keep a hard erection for long enough to allow satisfactory sexual activity.

    More than half of all men aged 40 years and above have difficulties getting or maintaining an erection. ED may also occur in younger men.

    While all men will experience occasional ED at some point of time in their lives, some find the problem disallows them from enjoying a healthy sex life.

    In fact, studies show that ED affects millions of men throughout Malaysia and other cities in Asia.

    There are treatments for men with ED.

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  • Overactive bladder (OAB)

    About one in 10 to one in 20 of adults over the age of 40 years experience poor bladder control.

    Unfortunately most people do not seek medical care and suffer silently.

    Are you always visiting the toilet?
    Do you have any of the following problems?
    Frequent, sudden urge to urinate
    Often going more than 8 times in 24 hours (this may include getting up in the middle of the night)
    Leak urine unintentionally (for some people)

    These problems could be a sign of OAB. The good news is that OAB is a medical condition that can be treated.

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  • Why is prostate health so important?

    Let’s do a quick check. Are you...

    Having the urge to urinate immediately?
    Getting up to urinate often during the night?
    Having a feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder?
    Noticing that the size and strength of the urine stream is decreasing?
    Having difficulty in starting the urine flow and experience dribbling after urination ends?

    If so, you may suffer from BPH

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Help for partners

Is your sex life with your partner not what it used to be? Has he had any problems performing sexually?

The first thing you should know is that you and your partner are not alone. Millions of men have some form of erectile dysfunction (ED).

Read on about how you can help your partner cope with ED

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