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Help for partners

Is your sex life with your partner not what it used to be?

Has he had any problems performing sexually?

Maybe it’s been only once in a while. Or maybe it has been more often of late. Either way, it can hurt his confidence. It can also take a toll on your relationship.

The first thing you should know is that you and your partner are not alone. Millions of men have some form of erectile dysfunction (ED).

Read on about how you can help your partner cope with ED

Be supportive

Your support can be the single most important remedy for him. That’s because ED can have a serious effect on your partner’s self-image. That can put a strain on your sexual relationship.

Let your partner know that information on ED and its treatment options are available to him and encourage him to see his doctor.

Be tactful and clear when you talk to your partner. He may misread subtle cues urging him to find treatment.

Understanding ED together

Understanding the condition goes a long way in its treatment. Your partner may feel less embarrassed about getting help if he knows that ED is a real medical condition that could also be caused by other health issues such as:

Heart disease/high cholesterol/ High blood pressure
Prostate problems

Click on each condition to find out more.

ED is treatable

It's important that your partner understands that ED is treatable.

Get him to talk to his doctor to discuss the treatment options available. If he feels awkward approaching his doctor about ED, click here to get help on conversation starters.

A list of healthcare physicians with experience in treating ED is also provided.

Getting close again

If you haven't had sex in a little while, keep in mind that your partner may be nervous.

It may take a few tries before you see results. That's why it's important not to give up just because it doesn't work the first time.

If your partner still does not get the results he hoped for, make sure he speaks to his doctor to review the treatment option.

Get him in the mood

When using these treatments, your partner must first be sexually excited to get an erection. Nothing will happen if he is not sexually stimulated.

Help your partner get results. Make him feel comfortable about having sex again. Try talking about the issue and be supportive of his desire to improve his sex life.

Also, take your time when it comes to sex. Your partner may have better success if he is relaxed. Spend some time just being close together.