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Ideal Sex in Asia Survey


2010 Ideal Sex in Asia Survey:

3,282 sexually active men and women, aged 31–74 years, in 10 countries; all respondents either self-identified themselves (men) or their partners (women) as having either suboptimal erection hardness (EHS Grade 3) or optimal erection hardness (EHS Grade 4)


79% of men and 80% of women agree that erection hardness or ability to maintain an erection is the most important element for ideal sex

EHS Grade 4 erection hardness is correlated with better health and higher feelings of self-worth than EHS Grade 3 erections

Most men with EHS Grade 3 erections consider hardness to be the top erection improvement area

Men with EHS Grade 3 erections are less comfortable initiating conversations about erectile function with their doctors than men with EHS Grade 4 erections