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Ask a Doctor about BPH

Suggestions on talking to your doctor

Millions of men suffer from BPH. Keeping silent is not the way to deal with the problem. Start with your family doctor. Initiate the conversation by simply passing along your results from the Prostate Health Quiz. Seek help and improve your quality of life dramatically!

You can also try one of these conversation starters:
"I have been getting up to urinate very often at night. Why is this so?"

"I have a feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder even after visiting the toilet."

"I have sudden urges to urinate immediately."

"I feel my urine has been more frequent but much reduced in flow. Should I be concerned?"

"Could the medicine I take cause me to have urination problems?"

For your best interest and well-being, be open and honest with your doctor so he/she can help you with the most suitable treatment. It can make all the difference. If he/she is unable to help you, he/she will recommend you to someone who can.

If you do not have a regular doctor or are unsure of who to talk to, look out for this window sticker in clinics. Alternatively, a list of doctors with experience in treating BPH is also provided here.